Notebooks currently on my desk...

by Amanda Fleet

There's a good chance that this list may run to a lot more than you expected! But then, if you've followed my ramblings on here or on my blog (Paper, Pens and Ink), maybe not!

Although the list is long, there are specific functions for (almost) all of these! Honest! [Not all of them made it into the group hug...]

Okay. Hold on to your hats. Here we go. In no particular order...

1) Daily lists/plan

A Clairefontaine pocket notebook where I use a page per day (or 2 pages, depending on how busy I am) to plan out the day. At the top is a note of the most important tasks for the day, with a scrawl of potential others. The majority of the page is taken up with time-boxing the day. Below is a mock-up of what it can look like with 2 pages to the day.

2) Similar, but different - a pocket Moleskine (I was given it!) where I scribble my mind-dump. This is mostly a list of things I need to do, but could also be a note of a song I've heard on the radio and want to look up, or something else I need to note. It's scrappy and will be binned once the book is finished. I do utilise 'The Circle (square, originally) of Done' at the top to indicate that everything on a page has been completed but when things are ending up pages and pages away from 'current' I re-write them (or delete them if I know they're never going to get done!).

3) a crappy A5 notebook I inherited from work, where I do my 'morning pages' or clear my head at the start of a day. It's both too personal and too crappy to share pictures of. Use your imagination!

[Go make a cuppa at this point... we're not even halfway through!]

4) An Oxford Activebook because it has holes punched in it which means it will fit any ring-binder (this is the orange book you can see in the left of the picture at the top of the post). At the moment I'm making a gazillion notes as I work through re-releasing Lies That Poison and the notes are being kept in a Mulberry A5 binder (which is also on my desk and is peeking out at the bottom of the left-hand stack).

5) A Leuchtturm A5 Bullet journal (also didn't make it into the picture!). I don't really bullet journal - I hate everything being mixed up in a single notebook (which is why there are a gazillion notebooks in use on my desk!). At the moment, I'm using this to Gantt-chart out the work I need to do over the next few weeks.

6) A Traveller's Notebook cover with notes on marketing in it (ready for re-releasing Lies That Poison!). This is the green leather thing peeping out on the left).

7) A smaller Traveller's Notebook cover with some amazing notebooks in by goodInkpressions. I'll review these very soon! These are on my desk because they're new and shiny and I haven't got round to tidying them away. They don't have a purpose just yet! That's the top notebook on the left in the group huddle.

8) Some notebooks I need to review - more goodInkpressions (full TN size) and some Cambridge Imprint note-books. These are on the right - the goodInkpressions are at the bottom, the Cambridge Imprints at the top.

Now, that's not to say these are all the notebooks in use at the moment... these are just the ones on my desk! You can add in another ten or so for books I'm currently writing/editing/publishing, plus another dozen for other things. Plus there's my diary (but that's not really a notebook).

How many notebooks on the go is 'normal'? (Is there such a thing??)