New, Old…gone

by Stuart Lennon

Since our buddy Covid 19 came along, I, like everyone else, have spent more time at my office desk. For me, this has given an increased prominence to medium, desk-sized notebooks. For most of 2022, I’ve been using a Stalogy 365, and it’s been lovely. The formatting is very discreet, and I’ve ignored it. My usage is free-form, which might explain why I’ve finished it in early October.

Enter the Pebble Hardcover.

A grey linen hardcover featuring 256 pages of 83 gsm Cosmo Air light paper. This was going to be the next best thing after Tomoe River. Regrettably, the wheels of commerce have no sentiment, and this paper is no longer to be made. Dang it.

Still, we have some stock, and I daresay there’s still some in the supply chain. So, what’s it like?

First, the tech stuff.

Notebook Details

- A5 sized Notebook

- Cover is a grey linen hardcover

- 148 x 210 mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches

- 256 pages of 83gsm Cosmo Air Light Paper

- 5mm Dot Grid

- Numbered Pages

- 2 Ribbon Markers

- 3 x Index Page

- Ink Swab Page

- Sewn Stitch Bound in our signature light blue thread

- Flat lay

- Back pocket

- Elasticated notebook strap

The writing experience is, well, a delight. I’m in a ruthless frame of mind, so I weighed straight in with a broad nib on a Graf von Faber Castell E-motion, filled with Diamine blue-black. I wrote slowly and deliberately. In short, I put a load of ink onto the paper. No feathering at all. That’s good paper. It even shows a little variation in the ink. Nice. Show through is pretty minimal too. Naturally enough, finer nibs and lighter inks cause no consternation.

It’s an elegant notebook and I look forward to using it.