Nero's Notes notebooks

by Amanda Fleet

What's this?? New notebooks, exclusively made for Nero's Notes? Bring them on!

Nero's Notes now have two new additions to the range - Basics and Ink Friendly pocket notebooks. Naturally, I've road-tested them!

Specs first...

1) Basics

[How adorable is the cover??]

70gsm milk uncoated paper

240gsm Popset sky blue uncoated paper

36 pages, dot grid

9cm x 14cm

Made in the UK

£9 for 3

2) Ink friendly

120gsm digital coated paper

240gsm Popset sky blue uncoated paper

48 pages, dot grid

9cm x 14cm

Made in the UK

£11 for 3

So, what are they like. TL;DR... amazing. Go and buy them now! 


The inside cover has space for noting your details, and for a summary of the book contents. There's also a really useful wee panel at the bottom for those of you who keep your notebooks and need to catalogue them/reference them. Nice touch! 

Dot-grid spacing is 5mm, and the dots are clear enough to see easily, but not so dark that they're intrusive when you write. The paper is off-white. Not truly cream, but more of an ivory colour. I prefer not to have pen tests left in notebooks, so I took the centre page out for tests.

The paper doesn't claim to be fountain pen friendly. It has a great, slightly rough texture that is perfect for pencils. Just perfect! I also tried a biro (that I probably stole from someone... fairly sure I never bought it!), a rollerball and a fountain pen. All of them wrote really well on the page. Probably the least fun was the rollerball (but I'm not keen on them anyway, so I maybe shouldn't link it to the paper!).

Well, it might not claim to be fountain pen friendly, but it jolly well is!! Look! Look!

There's no feathering, no bleed-through and no ghosting! The paper is amazing!

Ink Friendly

There's the same inside cover as before. The paper is white and again, the dot-grid is 5mm and clear but unobtrusive. Again, I pulled out a page for pen and pencil tests.

 So, I rolled out the big guns for this, including the Pilot Parallel (a pen to make even Clairefontaine paper quake in its boots). And you know, it almost handled the Pilot okay! Minimal feathering and less ghosting/bleed-through than a Field Notes has with a sensible pen! Writing with the other pens was a fantastic experience - super-smooth paper and some decent shading there. Pencil was also fine, though the smoothness of the paper was almost too smooth. If you're a pencil aficionado then go for the Basics, because the toothiness is fab.

 Only the killer Pilot pen had any bleed-through.

These are amazing wee books at a fantastic price-point (IMHO). They look super-cute but not over-the-top, and the performance is excellent. 10/10!

Basics £9 for 3

Ink Friendly £11 for 3