My Top Ten (non-stationery, non-tech) podcasts

by Stuart Lennon

I wrote before about my favourite Stationery podcasts. I do listen to other things too. Again, in no particular order, here are some podcasts I enjoy that are not specifically 'tech' or 'stationery'. 

1. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review. AKA "Wittertainment". A BBC gem, whether you like movies or not.

2. Covered. HC Marks on writers and their books.

3. The Figure. Georgia Parkin and Charlotte Lorimer on a wide-range of topics.

4. Reconcilable Differences. "John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out how they got this way."

5. Thoroughly Considered. Myke Hurley and the guys behind Studio Neat.

6. No Dumb Questions. A Science guy hashes things out with a Humanities guy.

7. The Knowledge Project from Farnam Street. 

8. Eureka by Baron Fig. Joey Cofone from Baron Fig talks to thinkers.

9. Do by Friday. Merlin Mann, Alex Cox and Max Temkin go nuts.

10. Cortex. CGP Grey and Mike Hurley talk work and life.

Any recommendations for me?