Lockdown, Lockout, lockup

by Stuart Lennon

It's getting better. No, it’s getting worse. Stay in. No, go out. Wear a mask. Don't wear a mask. Be cautious, be carefree.

The media, both social and other, has decided that it has no clue what is what, and therefore, will simply SHOUT all the messages.

Nero’s is not somewhere to come for advice - however, for clarity, our view is:

- Be cautious. The virus has not gone away.
- Social distance and wear a mask. Do this out of love for others.
- Live your best life, but recognise that the world remains in a time of danger.

We do not base any of the above on politics or opinion. Only on science.

Limited Editions are all the rage across the site this week.

Schon DSGN

Ian Schon has outdone himself again with a range of beautifully coloured Pocket Six fountain pens, now with Jowo nibs. We are able to swap out nibs for different breadths. Give Clare a shout, if you are interested.

Field Notes

Heavy Duty by Field Notes has been selling hard and fast. I can’t wait to get hold of mine this week.

Nomad Notebooks

Both Scrib and Amanda were impressed by Green Thumb, a notebook with seeds in the cover. Flower seeds. Now - that’s a legacy for your musings.


Coming next week are the Volume 3 from Blackwing. The Ravi Shankar pencil. Reviews thus far have been stellar. We also get our first look at the One Step Long Point sharpener, where reviews have been more mixed. It certainly looks cool, so I have no doubt, than on your behalf, I will bravely test and review one.


The Ultimate Limited Edition. DapperNotes are beautifully-designed, handmade notebooks. Each is hand-numbered and signed by its creator, Enon. Every run sells out in hours in the US. I squirrel some away for us here. I am smitten by New York Rhapsody, and the video that is intertwined with it. Want to feel a tiny bit better about the world? Go and watch this video.


Clare is throwing off the shackles of work and is on leave from the 3rd until the 7th and from the 24th to the 28th of August. The site will operate as usual, but no orders will be despatched during those two weeks. Any support issues - and I (Stuart) will be available.