Lochbyness, Lochbyness, the greatest binder that I possess

by Scribble Monboddo

Now, you've seen this before - just over a year ago, in fact. Why no new photos? Because it still looks the same! That in itself is reason for another mention here.

This is a formula which just works, but of course that didn't come about by accident. The right materials and robust construction really paid off, and a decent period of heavy use has shown how. Four bulging A5 notebooks have stayed firmly lodged in the Lochby even during frenetic work activities, and when the cover has got a bit dusty it's been simple to wipe it down.

Amazingly, this is still on sale at the same price, which admittedly looked a little steep to this reviewer at first - but a year (and a bit) of working it hard has proved its worth. If you have invested in some classy A5 notebooks and you want to keep them safe in the field, this does the job handsomely. Oh, and it's available in brown as well - if you really are in actual field, presumably.