Lochby field journal field report from the, err, field.

by Scribble Monboddo

OK, OK, enough repeats of 'field' already. The Lochby *that word* Journal has been in heavy action for the last few weeks and it's time to report back on how it survived the abuse.

In a word, with flying colours. OK, that's three words. But, seriously, it looks almost exactly the same as it did when it was first unwrapped, and that's despite some fairly robust use. The 'EDC' pen has changed from a Diplomat to a Gravitas from Dublin, complete with appropriate celtic knotwork, but apart from that no tweaks have been tempting.

With loops for four A5 cahiers this is made for multi-tasking, and that's just what it has been used for. The books currently inserted have been employed in a writing project, a business pitch, a regulatory inspection and a Covid response project respectively, which has entailed serving as the analogue corollary to the same number of digital devices and surviving much frenetic scribbling in the midst of slightly fevered twelve-hour days. Leaving aside the questionable professional lifestyle of the user in question (please, look away), that's been quite the test for any sort of binder or portfolio. A cheap notebook cover would be showing the cracks by now, but the Lochby alternative is quite literally as good as new. It's still, admittedly, not cheap - but by golly it earns its keep.