Life is full of Endless possibilities...

by Amanda Fleet

...especially with an Endless Recorder by your side.

These are a thing of beauty, especially if you're a fountain pen user, because the paper is the fabulous 68 gsm Tomoe River. Yep, the slightly thicker version (rather than the 52 gsm, which, although lovely, ghosts a tad too much for me).

For those of you who haven't heard about Tomoe River paper (where have you been??), it's a super-thin, well-finished paper that allows fountain pen ink to maintain its sheen. With many papers, the shading changes that can be found with ink can be lost, leaving a matte, uniform colour. Not so with Tomoe River paper.

The downside of Tomoe River paper is that ink can take a little longer to dry, so if you're a 'smudgy left-hander' (looking at you, Stu!), then bear this in mind. If you're a 'non-smudgy leftie' (ahem, like myself when I write left-handed) then write away without a care! If you're heavy-handed when you write, there will be show-through, and if you're writing in ball-point, you may want to consider using a pencil board, unless like me, you quite like the textured effect that come with writing on very thin paper.

The books are 8.4" x 5.6" (or 21 x 14 cm, or near enough A5). There are 192 pages, 16 sheets of which are perforated. In all but the blank versions, the pages are numbered (which makes the dot-grid one very useful for bullet-journaling).

One lovely advantage of the book is that all those 192 pages, made of super-fine paper don't end up weighing that much. Meaning you can have a glorious notebook with you, without wrecking your back or shoulders lugging it around.

There are two ribbon-markers that are splendidly matched to the book. I have a navy cover, which has a bright blue elastic closure, and the ribbon markers match the navy and bright blue beautifully.

At the front is a double-spread for a table of contents, and in the back is a pocket for odds and ends. External branding is minimal, with just the Endless logo on the front and "Endless" on the back. Line-spacing in the ruled notebooks is 7mm. The dot-grid and squared are 5mm.

Each Endless Recorder comes complete with its own cotton drawstring bag, and an ID so that you can register your notebook. There's also a cute wee sticker that says "Ideas are Endless".

I just love the book. The paper is so lovely to write on and I get to play with some of my shimmering inks, that really do get to shimmer!

See the full range here.