Kaweco Brass Sport and Field Notes: My love affair

by Stuart Lennon

field notes notebook on tree root

I wrote before about how I drifted back to the world of pen and paper.

As I started wearing fewer suits and more jeans, I was drawn to the pocket notebook. I needed something that I could slip into a trouser-pocket. I also needed to find a robust writing instrument that could cope with a life in denim. Pencil was out – too many broken points. Ballpoint, not my favourite and although not expensive, they were still fragile.

I stumbled upon the Kaweco Brass Sport. Available as a fountain pen, a rollerball, a ballpoint and a mechanical pencil. I bought a fountain pen. Perfect for the intended purpose. These beautifully-crafted instruments are pretty much indestructible, and compact enough to sit in a pocket without causing injury after sudden movement. If you can put a dent in one, it just makes it look better. It writes beautifully, but, and this is important, it is quite light-footed. 

Why am I in love with the Kaweco Brass Sport?

Let me explain. I have several pens. My preference is for a broad or double-broad nib. Some of my ‘big’ pens are veritable ink hoses. They put a lot of ink onto the paper. This can be gorgeous. However, for taking a quick note in a pocket book, it can also be a right pain in the … neck. The Kaweco, even in BB, is quite sparse and therefore ideal for notes on the go, which need to dry quickly and on paper that may not be high spec. 

kaweco brass sport fountain pen

And so to Field Notes…

Alongside Moleskine, one company has done more to bring back notebooks than any other, particularly in pocket size. Field Notes Brand. Take a minute and go watch their story.

Allow me to be honest, I am no farmer. DIY is an area of incredible danger for me. My late Father, a Scot, once saw me holding a drill and remarked; 

“You look like a cow with a gun.”

Nevertheless, I was drawn to the blue-collar, rough, tough and macho Field Note books. They’re just cool. The paper is generally not that high spec, and many fountain pen people can get very frustrated with that. My Kaweco brass sport does OK, and the shortcomings of the paper do not worry me at all. These books were not designed to perform with Montblanc.

Still now, there are some Field Notes that remain favourites. Importantly though, Field Notes was my ‘gateway drug’, introducing me to the spectrum of American brands, each with its own distinct feel. Word. Write Co, Story Supply, Public Supply to name just a few.

There is a pocket notebook for everyone. Some people are all about the paper, others all about the binding. I know some people who only use dot grid paper, or ruled, or plain.

Some are frantically attached to one brand, others to a particular style. Some, like me, adore the variety. The exploration is a great part of the fun.

What’s your favourite?