Heavy Duty by Field Notes

by Stuart Lennon

This edition will polarise the “Field Nuts”. In fact, if you know where to look, debates already rage.

There is one universal opinion, with which I concur. The video is funny.

I work really hard to get the new editions across the pond as quickly as possible. Then, Clare holds my personal stash, hostage. It's a terrible torture. In fairness, she does it to keep shipping charges down, so it’s for my benefit.

Therefore, I always peruse the web for “hot takes” on new editions, to experience the excitement vicariously.

Some Opinion Categories

Team Archive Box

“Field Notes come in three-packs, and are saddle stitched. Spirals? SPIRALS? These, are WRONG.”

Team #EDC

“Always ready. That’s me. I carry everything necessary, nothing superfluous. The colours clash with my personal arsenal of firearms, knives and throwing stars. Although, I have been thinking about trading up to a Kraft-coloured armoured personnel carrier with orange go-faster stripes...”

Team Field Notes

It's by Field Notes. It's awesome. You think it’s not awesome? You're dead to me. BLOCKED.”

Team Fountain Pen

“It's 70# paper. So, with a dry ink and a fine nib, the paper will be OK. THIS is the Field Note for ink.”

Team Fountain Pen II

“Field who?”

I mock. Mostly myself, as I wander through all the categories above.

I love the look of these. I can see them in the garage and in the glove compartment. I think the spiral peeking from the jeans pocket will look great. The colours are a nod to early Limited Editions. Buy them here.

The books, and the video, are produced with a wink, and that, more than anything, is Field Notes to me.

Right - I’m off to find a singlet...