Getting to know...Lana Suhova

by Stuart Lennon

Today's victim, sorry, today's guest... is Lana Suhova. 

As I set out on my Pocket Notebooks journey, I was aware that I had only the loosest grasp of social media. I asked around whether anyone knew a professional who could help me understand the basics.

Enter Lana. Lana is a freelance digital marketeer, with a passion for community. Don't take my word for it, go and look at her stunning blog at

I'll shut up now...



1) Describe yourself in three objects: A watch because I think time is precious, and I can’t stand lateness; Netflix because I’m a huge movie geek (correction, horror movie geek); a diamond because I believe instead of crumbling under pressure, we come out shinier and stronger than before.

2) Notebook, Notes App, or both? Notebook, all the way - I couldn’t live without my notebooks, they hold my life together! I also keep a paper diary with all my client meetings, events, and projects - as much as I love digital, paper is more reliable (and fun!) for me. I’m very visual so a lot of the times I sketch and draw ideas on paper.

3) Pencil, ballpoint, gel, or fountain pen? Ballpoint. I find them really smooth to use, and always carry one in my bag in case I need to scribble something down whilst out and about.

4) Which three famous people, (living or dead) would you like to have dinner with?

            J.K Rowling - judging by her tweets, J.K’s conversation would never get boring, and a good debate would certainly be on the cards!

            Michelle Obama - I would love to spend a few hours with her so she can share her secrets of life, and spill the beans on what it’s like being the First Lady.

            The Dalai Lama - I love listening to people who’s minds are full of wisdom and positivity, and when I need some encouragement I look at quotes from Dalai Lama to get through. 

5) Whats the best thing about the place you live? The beautiful countryside and wildlife, cosy pubs with delicious local food and big glasses of wine, and the fact we are so close to both the seaside and London. This location is perfect because day to day I love the peace and quiet of a small town, but when I want to venture in to the city for the hustle and bustle (usually it’s blogging events!) London is a short train ride away.

6) Whats your most treasured possession? I don’t know if I would class him as a possession, but definitely my rescue bassador Harvey - he’s my best friend. Close second is my Mac - it is always with me, and helps me build my business from anywhere in the world! Coming in at third place has to be my camera to capture the beautiful moments in life.

7) Where are some of your favourite Stationery spots on the internet? Pocket Notebooks because you can find a notebook to suit anyone and any need; and Paperchase because sometimes you just need a pen with a unicorn topper to brighten up a Monday!

As well as the blog, you can catch Lana at Instagram as @lanasuhova, on Facebook as DalryRoseBlog or on Twitter @dalryroseblog.