“Fire up the Quattro”*

by Stuart Lennon

No, not an Audi. A Lochby.

They say:

“The Quattro fits your favorite four pens for when you're on the go. Lightly padded, fully zippered, and wrapped in our dry waxed canvas, you can rest assured your pens will be protected. Fits in the back pocket of our Field Journal.

Offset pen pockets for a flatter carry

Nylon zipper reduces scratches over metal zippers

Exterior pockets for cards, bits & bobs

Double stitching and bartacking throughout

Comfortably fits 4 pens

100% Vegan”

Remember when we used to travel to work, to the coffee shop, to other countries? That’s what the Quattro is for. You can tell that Chris, the man behind Lochby, is one of us. Normal people, (like my wife) believe that one pen is plenty for a day at the office. We know that getting it down to just four is already tough enough.

The Quattro comfortably carries four full size fountain pens, and if you’re carrying anything slimmer, you could comfortably get several more in there. The padding is, for my uses, perfect. The case won’t guarantee pen survival if you tumble off a mountain, but I’ll happily use the case to take pens on a hike. Certainly, slipped into my briefcase, this keeps my precious Pelikans safe.

Rather nattily, the Quattro can slip into the back cover of the Field Journal, which houses, well, my field journals. Together, these two constitute a decent mobile analogue office. There are enough handy pockets to have index cards, business cards, and a variety of notebooks.

The good news is, we have more stock in transit now, so if you preferred item isn’t here in your preferred colour, fear not, all will be well in the next week.

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*That's a reference."