Field Notes Resolution - First Impressions

by Stuart Lennon

Today is a good day at Pocketnotebooks Towers.

We just received our delivery from the good people of Field Notes in Chicago.

Star of the show is the new limited edition - Resolution.

Here's what the folks at Field Notes had to say:

A pocket-sized weekly planner and a “to-do” book rank at the very top of the list of things people have asked us to make throughout the years. We paid attention, and put both together for our Winter release, to coincide with the busy holiday season and the start of a new year. It’s a fine time to become a more productive and organized you.

We can't argue with that. 

Each 3-Pack of Memo Books includes one 56-page Date Book and two 48-page Checklist Journals, plus a two-sided calendar that fits right inside the books.


The covers are made from bright, beautiful Cyan, Red and White 80#C Vellum paper from Mohawk, stamped with matte crown foils.

Field Notes Resolution and Coffee

The colours really pop too. :-)

The inside pages are a very light gray 60#T Domtar Earth Choice printed with white and medium gray inks. The Checklist Journals are subtly ruled with contrasting white/grey blocks and a “Slot Screw-Head Device” at the start of each line for marking completed and partially completed tasks. The Date Book displays one week on each page. Together, the two formats can be used in any number of ways as a complete and portable planning system. There’s no single “correct” system for filling in the “screw-heads,” we left it as flexible as possible, and we can’t wait to see how you use it.

Our first impressions.

Inky people? We hit page one with a BB Kaweco Lilliput. There is feathering and 'soakage'. Surprisingly, there is no show through. So, it's workable in fountain pen, but let's face it, Field Notes are not designed for you to give your TWSBIs and Kawecos a workout. These are blue collar notebooks. Rough, tough and ready for anything. Get your Fisher Space Pen out, or a good American Blackwing.

The date-book has 56 weeks. A day has three lines. Yes, it could be a planner, but couldn't it also make a great journal? Perhaps one thought, one action and one thank you for each day of the year?

Just sayin'

The checklist books are perfect. Not dissimilar from Word notebooks, if you are familiar with those. I love the little detail on the centre page, where 'staple day' is printed down the middle of the page. Nice touch.

Field Notes Resolution

We absolutely love the previous release, Dime Novel. We thought that this release might feel a let down.

Nope. This is a festive firecracker of a release. Perfectly timed.

Field Notes Brand. Knocking it out of the park.