Field Notes Group 11

by Stuart Lennon

"Elementary, dear Watson. Elementary."

The folk at Field Notes were excited about their Limited Edition, Elemental. Read here - what happened.

That FN made such a hand-brake turn so as not to sherlock (see what I did there? Scrib will be proud) a small creator is, frankly, heartwarming.

I backed the Kickstarter, and very much enjoy the notebooks, by the way.

So - Group 11.*

This Field Notes Quarterly limited edition gets its name from the position of the elements copper, silver, and gold in the Periodic Table. “Group Eleven” features three standard Dot-Graph Memo Books. But aside from the size, there’s not much standard about them.

Stylish and refined, each book in the 3-Pack represents one of the three precious metals and features a cover stamped in metallic hot-foil with matched staples, ink, and (for only the second time ever) gilded page edges. The covers are a 120#C duplexed stock from Neenah, combining “Solar White” on the outside and “Epic Black” inside. Body pages are 70#T Finch Opaque with a dot-grid in matching metallic ink. 

*Group Eleven includes a fourth element: roentgenium. Its most stable isotope, roentgenium-281, is rarely synthesized and it decays via spontaneous fission in about 26 seconds, which created insurmountable production hassles for a mid-sized stationery manufacturer. Our apologies.

Awesome copy from Field Notes. 

Clare got my set to me this week.

The outside cover is white, the inside cover is black. Always a striking juxtaposition. However, there is a downside. The top and bottom of the spine on a stapled pocket notebook can often "pop". That's to say little tiny tears can appear. If you have white covers over black inners, those glimpses of black are going to catch your eye. And they will get worse as you use the notebook. Personally, it bothers me not a jot. These notebooks will be in my jeans back-pocket, a little seam popping will be the least of their problems. Let's face it, white covers is already asking for trouble.

The font, the dots and the staples all match - so in one book everything is copper, another in silver and in the last, gold. The gilding on the page edges is applied last, making the pages stick together a little. When you first open the notebook, it crackles. 

In summary, there's some popping on the spine, an impractical white cover and sticky pages...but I love them.

This is Field Notes at its best for me. A simple concept, with a twist, executed well.

My set will end up smeared in graphite, denim and probably coffee and water. Each  cover will tell its own story.

Grab yours here.