Êtes-vous comme une glom? Pourquoi non?

by Scribble Monboddo

Comme Glom is a creative name for a creative company, or a silly name for some silly people, and quite possibly both - the two categories so often overlap! They've done something terrifically clever, too, in making the desk jotter pad interesting.

Is a jotter pad a notebook? We could have a pedantic debate about that, but I'm just not feeling pedantic - especially after leafing through the joyously random designs of this wild creation, which uses anything from Corinthian columns to Saturn V as dividers and finds inspiration at all points from Euclidean geometry to Roy Lichtenstein's pop art. Every page is different and the only thing one can predict is that there are more surprises in store. Be honest, now - you wouldn't expect that from a jotter pad, would you?

So Comme Glom, whoever they are, have already made a curiosity of a normally mundane concept - and then they go and make it useful too. Many of the pages encourage the sort of to-do list which is far from a dry Gantt chart as it's possible to be, with useful headings such as 'to do', 'not to do', and 'distractions' (which someone in my household misread as 'dilations', but it's not that sort of creativity, honest). Imagineered and printed right here in little old Blighty, these will at the very least make for the most exciting shopping lists you've ever seen - and at the most, probably a master plan for access to interstellar travel in the fifth dimension without ruffling one's hairdo, or some such. In between those extremes, I'm off to plot a truly cosmic quiche. It's THAT inspiring!