Esmie A6

by Amanda Fleet

A few weeks ago, a package arrived from our Quartermaster (Clare) with a notebook and a note saying "I know you don't really like A6, but this is new in..."

Now, Clare, I really don't mind A6 so much (though in all honesty it's not my favourite size). It's pocket-sized books that I struggle with.

And when the notebook is as pretty as the Esmie, well, I will forgive it not being A5 or bigger.

The hardback notebook (including its cover) is a smidge wider than A6 - the book is 15 x 11cm. The cover is silk-screen-printed in Japan and all of the covers are glorious! The company was founded in 2009, "Inspired by a fascination for Japanese design, time-honoured printing techniques and traditional bookbinding."

The notebooks do open flat, but have a bit of a tendency to want to close again if left alone. This is absolutely no issue while you're writing in them, but be aware that if you write and then move away, they may close up.

The paper is a creamy-white laid paper, so some fountain pen nibs may catch a little. (See my post here about laid v wove). There can be a little feathering with fountain pen ink (though you have to look closely to see it!). Slightly more of an issue (at least for me) is the show-through to the other side. It's enough for me to make the paper only really usable on one side (with fountain pens). If you're using pencil, ballpoint, or gel pens, there will be little to no issue.

Each book has 88 sheets (176 sides) plus two end papers. The paper is 120gsm (it feels a little finer than that to me, but I'm no expert!), and the notebooks are beautifully constructed. The covers really are amazing and the pictures don't do them justice.

At £12 each, these would make a great present for someone - small, beautifully formed and with amazing covers.

See the full range here.