Endless jottings

by Amanda Fleet

My turn to play with the new stock of jotting pads by Endless!

The concept is straightforward - a block of paper to have on your desk for random notes/scribbles/doodles. They come in a variety of sizes and papers, to cover pretty much all eventualities. For those with large spaces on their desks, there are A4 versions with either dot grid paper or blank. For those with almost zero space on their desk, there are A6 versions, again in dot grid or blank. And for those in-between, there's a landscape 19 x 13 cm size in blank (roughly B6). Since both blank and dot-grid paper can be used in either orientation, there is, of course, nothing forcing you to use them in any specific format. If you want the 19 x 13 size but to use it in portrait format, well... just turn it around.

A wry smile crossed my lips at the "Belongs to the desk of:" on the card backing. I worked in academia for more than 20 years and that would not have stopped the pad from walking. But I suppose if you subsequently manage to track it down, you can at least lay rightful claim again.

I'm not sure if my block was from a different print-run, but I didn't have the small icons on the page that are depicted in the listing on Nero's. I have "Endless" printed on the reverse of the paper instead.

The paper is their Regalia 80 gsm paper and there are 70 tear-off sheets to a block. Be warned that although it is very fountain pen ink friendly, dry time is loooooooong! Lefties like Stu will smear ink everywhere. That said, it's really very nice to write on - pretty smooth but with a little bit of 'bite', and little ghosting (though an especially wet nib did bleed through a tiny amount). Naturally, gel pens, ballpoints and pencils are all fine, too.

I really like the 'goldilocks' size of 19x13cm. It's neat enough to not take up too much real estate on my desk, but big enough to be able to write a reasonable amount, and much like the Rhodia block I used to use as a jot pad, the ephemeral nature forces me to process the scribbles (whereas a notebook allows me to just ignore them and turn the page!).