Dapper Is Served

by Scribble Monboddo

Early twentieth-century technology is all the rage in the home office these days, it seems. There are even fanatics trying to bring back the clunky old typewriter, and if you have a few hundred quid handy along with endless patience then you too can write a letter to Tom hanks and expect a reply. No, really.

But another survivor which keeps coming back is the drawer full of little cardboard rectangles. It's how we searched library catalogues before there were computers to do it for us, for a start. There was an art to it, to be fair. Whole careers were built that way, one infamous example being the quietly organised Georgian who compiled pocket dossiers of dirt on everyone, and was dismissed by colleagues as 'Comrade Card-Index'. Few survived to laugh indefinitely.

Thankfully, you don't have to be an evil dictator to get something from rebooting the cards these days. In the absence of a nice wooden box file as provide by Foglietto, it's a little trickier to work out what Dapper Notes had in mind for their pocket jotters. But they are about the same size and profile as playing cards, so if your poker face has slipped you can make some useful notes instead. In truth, that's still going to seem eccentric to some onlookers, but we're not worried about such things around here, are we?

For those less inclined to replace all the Jokers with sauce recipes, Dapper have other bizarre products like the barking mad Notebook For Ants. You have been warned. But then again, they also do a terribly sensible pack of three mini tear-off note blocks, which are handy for writing shopping lists for full-size mammals. Who knows, maybe there's room to pick up a few formic snacks while you're at it, but whatever's cooking they're probably going to come in handy. Rum folk, that Dapper lot - but admit it, they're jolly clever coves with it.