Dapper dots

by Amanda Fleet

Another Dapper Notes product to tell you about... the mini pads, which come in a pack of three, with 50 tear-off sheets in each pad.

They're 14cm x 10 cm (5.5" x 4") with easy tear-off dot grid paper, that has dots on both sides of the sheet, and the Dapper Notes logo at the bottom of the page. They're a great size for having on your desk for jotting notes or for doodling on while you're thinking, or on the phone etc.

Now, I fully accept that many of you (most of you!) might not be using a fountain pen while jotting notes or doodling, but for those of you who do, I'm delighted to tell you that the paper in the mini-pads is just great with ink. Even my big beasts - the big, wet nibs that normally make a mess of everything - are just grand on this. There's no feathering, no bleed-through, no ghosting, and the paper has a wonderful texture to write on. Dry time is swift, so even the smudgy-lefties like Stu will be content.

Yes, well, that's all well and good, but lots of you are probably wondering just what kind of person scribbles ephemeral notes on throw-away paper in fountain pen? (Um, me, Scrib, Stu...). What's it like if you use a ballpoint or a pencil or a gel pen?

Well, it's just fine and dandy. There's enough texture that writing with a pencil is a pleasing experience, but not so much texture that writing with a ballpoint or a gel-pen or similar is an unpleasant experience. The paper is in that rare category where all writing implements seem to get along just fine with it.

I read a nice article in the Harvard archive about doodling. Not only does doodling help us to recall things better, it can also help relieve stress and improve focus. Doodling can also help unlock creativity (as does day-dreaming), which comes as a relief as when I'm 'writing' I seem to spend quite a lot of time staring into space.

Whether you're looking for a neat pad for jotting notes, or something to doodle on while you think (or during another interminable Zoom meeting), this pack of three mini-pads might be just the thing.

Pack of three mini-pads from Dapper Notes