Coup at Pocket Notebooks!

by Stuart Lennon

The King is Dead...Long Live the King.

In true Game of Thrones style, I have been overthrown by those closest to me. Mrs PN and the canine COO have seized power.

Mrs PN is now the non-executive Chairwoman, and Nero the Schnauzer has stepped up to CEO. In fairness, his lack of opposable thumbs has made the operations role a challenge. However, when it comes to barking, he is top of the class, perfectly suited for the top job.

Stepping into the Chief Operating Officer role is Clare Weller.

Clare is already on the job, sending out the weekend's orders this morning, bringing order to chaos. I must apologise for the increased quality of output; she just can't help doing things properly. I hope that you will learn to cope with this improvement in service.

So, what of my role? With Nero and Clare in charge of the good ship Pocket Notebooks, I am able to put more time into product sourcing and development. Naturally, I will continue to pester and annoy on social media and YouTube, as well as generally getting in the way.

Other news.

We have just today received further stock from Nock Co. If you were looking for a Sinclair, we are back in stock. Tomorrow, we will have the Gigante and Petite cards on the site.

On the pencil front, we have a several Blackwing variants, including colour sets. There is also an excellent notebook from them: Slate.

ESMIE continues to get positive feedback from everyone. The covers are simply stunning.

Ooops. The CEO is barking at me. Must be walk time.



PS...Remember, forget the app, there's a pocket notebook for that.