Corporate Cobra

by Stuart Lennon

Readers may know, that work-wise, I'm a chameleon. Nero's Notes is a passion, but if I had to rely on it to put food on the table, I'd be very hungry and a whole lot slimmer. Next week, I'm starting a new project, more on the "food on table" side of things than the "passion" side. That said, I never do anything without enthusiasm, so I'm really excited.

The first thing that I needed to do, was look at stationery needs. (Obviously.)

I live in Cyprus, and as I write, we are still able to meet people, albeit with masks. The climate lends itself to outdoor meetings too, so for the moment at least, I'll be getting out on the road. Whether any of my clothes still fit, is on its own, a scary thought.

Here's the pocket carry. In a digital age, I'm sometimes militantly old school. The phone is a Punkt MP 01. It makes phone calls. I can send text messages, but typing one is such a pain, that I don't. It doesn't do anything else. 

For my pocket notebook, I return to an old friend, Moleskine. This isn't the classic hard cover, but its soft flexible cousin, with dotted paper.

For writing implement, I have a Moleskine Ballpoint, and Moleskine Mechanical Pencil. My pocket carry is all about utility. Down to business, if you will.

In my briefcase will be the cavalry. My iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil will have all the presentation materials I could ever wish for, and access to the internet, should I get lost. My "Daily Driver" is currently the Endless Recorder, with TR paper. My journal is the Hobonichi Techo, again with Tomoe. I couldn't possibly not have a fountain pen to use on all that Japanese paper, and I'm in love with my Pelikan M600 in Vibrant Orange (the inside cover of my Techo is orange too).

There's inescapably, a black, accented with orange, aesthetic going on here. I'm assuming that I have been subliminally influenced by Scrib's excellent post. It's also a reminder to myself to be spartan. These are tools. They're nice, but the work is the relationship - the deal.

As for which bag to carry? Oh my. That will take me hours to work out!