Coffee Notes {re}mind

by Amanda Fleet

I know I'm a lover of the larger notebook, but when it comes to jottings and to do lists and the such, bigger is not (for me) always better. This might be because large tracts of real-estate on my desk are taken up with the aforementioned larger notebooks, but there's definitely something to be said for a long, slim pad that can sit to the side of my laptop. In all honesty, this can often be a bundle of scrap paper (backs of receipts/random bits of paper) held together with a mini bulldog clip at the top, but then I was sent a much nicer Coffee Notes pad.

The description on Nero's Notes says:

These list pads are born from a diversification during lockdown. Mark and Sarah use a process called cupcycling that transforms takeaway cups into paper, which is suitable for fountain pens and sketching.
Made from recycled coffee cup paper and repurposed coffee waste.
Pack of three list pads with space to tick off your completed tasks, dotted on reverse side so there's less waste.
60 tear away pages in each pad.
7.5cm x 21cm

I can confirm that they do indeed play nicely with fountain pens, as well as with ballpoints and pencils and probably anything else (but that's all I tested).

On the inside of the cover are some sustainability notes. Both the materials used and the suppliers, are chosen based on their environmental credentials, and the products are made from repurposed and recycled industrial and consumer waste.

On the front of the sheet, there's a space to put the date/day, then thirteen lines with a tick-box at the end, for to do etc. Beneath that is a dot-grid space (so your list could continue, or you could doodle or whatever). The reverse of the page is all dot-grid.

The cover on the pad I have is made from 95% post-consumer waste and 5% recycled coffee waste, giving it a speckled appearance that I really like. There are three pads in a pack, with different covers.

The paper inside is cream and thick and copes even with my wet-nibbed fountain pens, with no feathering or bleed-through to the reverse.


They're available in a three-pack here, and you can also find pocket-notebooks, A5 notebooks and more by Coffeenotes here.

Oh, and for those of you with one of those A5 Filofaxes with the slot in the back cover for a slim notepad... these fit it perfectly.