by Amanda Fleet

Something that puzzles both me and Stu on a regular basis is why Clairefontaine notebooks don't sell out the second Nero restocks.

The paper is amazing and the notebooks are a snip of the price of some others. If I could only ever have one brand of notebook for the rest of my life, it would be Clairefontaine, yet sometimes these fantastic notebooks get overlooked.

Nero stocks a range of sizes and types, from standard pocket notebooks in either a more functional cover, or in the sublime Art Deco covers, or the Retro Nova ones. Then there are A5 notebooks (currently out of stock, sadly), there are "Listmaker" pads, and notebooks that I would call "Reporters' Notebooks" with 300 pages to them. They all have fantastic paper - suitable for everything from pencil, through ballpoint, to fountain pen - and an outstanding price point.

The three-packs of pocket notebooks come in between £6 and £8 (£2 to £2.60 a book!). Even the slightly pricier Art Deco notebook is only £4.50 and has 96 pages rather than the 48 found in other pocket notebooks.

The "Listmakers" are a mere £3 for 120 tear-off pages and the Europa Major pad (the "reporters' notebook" style pad) has 300 pages for only £6.

Give them a whirl. You honestly won't regret it. And with the low prices, they are perfect to adding to an order to tip you into the free delivery option.

You never know. You too may become hooked on them.