Caribbean Moscato by DapperNotes

by Stuart Lennon

Clare is slipping.

Usually, I have to wait weeks to get hold of the new Dapper. There are claims that this is a function of delivery schedules, but I know it’s because Clare prefers you to me. 🤨

This time however, I got hold of one at release time. Ha!

I’ll let Enon set the scene:

“This edition is a special collaboration with Kim Charlery, whose mission at Bandbox is to inspire us to live colourfully. Kim and I have been working on this release for many months, and are excited to share her artwork, inspired by fabrics from Ghana that she uses to create Moodcords and other bright accessories.
Kim lives on the sunny island of St. Lucia, and brought the uplifting vibes of the island into this set of six colorfully-illustrated patterns. We printed the six designs in a repeating pattern onto marbled velvet, which shifts tones as the light moves adding another dimension to the notebooks. The covers are super soft, and honestly the photos I took don't do justice to how beautiful they look in person.
We took Kim's six illustrations and used them as the endsheets inside. Each notebook contains one of the designs, and you'll know which one you got once you unwrap your notebook.
We named this edition in honor of a new album by the same name that Soca artist Teddyson John released on the day the edition came out. His music is infectiously exhilarating, and I found myself listening and dancing to his songs and lots of other Soca music as I was making these notebooks.
Caribbean Moscato is St. Lucian through-and-through, and we hope that it inspires you to live colourfully.
This limited edition contains: A Ghanese-inspired pattern printed onto marbled velvet on the outside, bright orange inside, with a matching pattern endsheet, 48 pages on 70lb smooth white, and a teal thread finish.”

I see a lot of notebooks. It’s an occupational hazard. (I know, life is hard.)

Every time I see a DapperNote, I’m surprised and delighted. Each book is handmade. Quality glows from these books.

Do yourself a favour (proper English spellings now). Order one of these extraordinary books, get Teddyson John’s album on, close your eyes and transport yourself to St Lucia.

Sure - these books are expensive. So here’s a deal.

Buy one. Open it. Spend a day with it. Write on a page or two. If you don’t like it, or think it’s not worth the money, don’t worry. Pack it up and send it back to us. I’ll refund you what you paid for it, and I’ll use the notebook.