Brass-necked magnificence

by Scribble Monboddo

The heart of the Bauhaus principle is that form follows function, and in few niches is this more vital to observe than the making of an 'EDC' pocket pen. In crowded trouser pockets full of keys, loose change, spare masks etc. there isn't room for frippery and fancies; it just needs to work. Kaweco are acknowledged masters of the art but have some new competition - an outstanding disruptor from Pennsylvania, as it happens. No, not him, but Ian Schon, a designer who lives and breaths EDC and realised that what many of us want is a pen with a sizeable #6 nib, which nevertheless packs up small. Well here it is; the Schon Dsgn Pocket 6.

The phrase 'small but perfectly formed' inevitably leaps to mind, and it certainly fits. The heavier metal makes a difference too; in brass this has just the right weight to power a steel nib without fatigue - and although Nero has sold out of brass versions at the time of writing there are still similarly hefty copper ones available. 

Ian has really hit the jackpot with this design in this material; it feels just right in the hand, the JoWo #6 steel nib writes well, and the owner gets to choose whether to allow a patina to develop or, if they prefer, to reach for the Brasso every now and then. It's probably as close to perfection as the EDC canon gets - and, yes, you want one.