Brass in pockets in brass, in your pocket, in Itse' yi (eh?)

by Scribble Monboddo

I'm special, so special, I gotta have some of your attention...

No, not me, the pens. For lo, inside this unassuming brown utilitarian pencil case - or so it initially appears - is a roll of purple majesty. It's called the Brasstown, because someone mistranslated a place name in Cherokee (seriously), and mine is, naturally enough, full of brass. Well, it would be, wouldn't it?

Much guff has been spouted about the supposedly divine seamstering of Nock, and if you delight in rampant hyperbole then their fan-sites are undoubtedly the place for you. But aside from the puffery, they really do know how to put a robust, functional and still completely cool pen case together. Yes, it costs more than a flimsy school pencil case from the local cheapo shop - but it looks ten times better and will quite probably last twenty-five times longer. If you are of the wildly old-fashioned opinion that good quality is worth paying for, this should suit you perfectly.

The individual pockets are cut pretty generously, so much so that mine accommodates two slim pens in several of them. It's probably a bit over-stuffed, if truth be told, but it's taking the abuse without complaint. Abuse it certainly gets, because these pens constitute my indestructible travelling writing kit. All that brass rolled up can attract some interest from airport x-rays, although the security staff at Nuremberg (home to the two Kawecos the Brasstown houses, for a start) were positively impressed to see proper nibbage given due respect. It's also available in black and turquoise, which may have to be next stop if I acquire any more brass, come to think of it.

Give it to me!