Bomo letter writing pack

by Amanda Fleet

As I'm sure all of you know by now, I write proper letters, on nice paper, to a number of people, and I have done for decades. Sometimes they are quick notes; sometimes they are longer missives. They are often just to exchange news. Occasionally, they are to force a stressed friend to sit down and concentrate on something else for ten minutes, rather than whatever is stressing them.

A new addition to Nero's is some splendid writing paper from Bomo. The set I was sent to test has gorgeous balloons on the paper in yellow and blue, but there are several different sets: balloons; a deer and cone; butterflies. The paper is A4, and there are matching envelopes with a patterned interior.

Now, I know that I usually pen test all paper products I review, but I have a problem with that right now. I get bad arthritis in my right thumb and as a consequence, at the moment, I'm only able to write left-handed, slowly, and in pencil. I can confirm that the paper is silky smooth and nice to write on in pencil (current pencil of the day is the Nero's Notes one, but more on that another week), but I cannot tell you what it's like for fountain pens or ballpoints etc.  However, fear not, because Scrib has already done the testing... catch his post about the paper here.

I think that these are a splendid set, both to use, and for the recipient. A hand-written letter is nice on its own. A hand-written letter, on beautiful paper, sent in an envelope with a secret pattern inside? Amazing.

The sets are a decent price at £16 for 12 sheets and 6 envelopes, and you can see the full range here.