Holiday Trading

by Stuart Lennon

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We send our hearty best wishes across the Atlantic to our friends there. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! 🍾

I have been asked what discounts we will be offering for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Don't be silly. We're British.

We will continue to focus on sourcing a wide range of items, centred on Pocket Notebooks and selling them at a fair price, in the most customer-focused way that we can.

Where we have been able to cut prices, these items will turn up in the 'Stocking-Filler' section of the site, but there will be no specific offers for 'BFCM' as various organisations now call the completely made-up shopping days.

Christmas and New Year

Our last 'despatch' day of 2017 will be Friday the 22nd of December. (Obviously, packages posted then will not be with you in time for Christmas, or possibly even by the New Year.) PocketNotebook Towers will reopen on Wednesday January the 3rd of 2018.

By all means, keep ordering😉 . We will get everything out on the 3rd. Of course, if you need something sharpish - reach out on Twitter or Facebook, we'll do our level best for you.

The CEO is looking forward to lots of walks in frosty fields, and eating whatever he can beg or pinch from unsuspecting friends and family.