The Best of British Notebooks

by Sarah Hanney

Most people are aware of the American brands of notebook; many of which we sell at Pocket Notebooks. But when it comes to brands established here in on home turf, I am sometimes asked why there are no ‘cool’ British notebooks.

Ha! Look a little closer, I respond. British notebooks are on the march.

There are some amazing British notebooks on the site, and every month, I am discovering more. From delicate florals to understated classics, all of the below brands are superb notebooks born and raised right here in the UK. 


ESMIE produce notebooks with the most amazing illustrated cover art, inspired by flowers and nature. The covers are every bit as intricate, delicate and stunning as their name would suggest. Elegant Stationery Made in England (ESMIE) is based in Surrey. Kim Harrup-Brook, founder and chief is fully certified, first class degree toting, stationery expert.



Harry and Zana Alexander are illustrators based down in deepest darkest Cornwall. They design beautiful notebook covers for Papio Press that feature favourite animals, from French Bulldogs to Sloths and Unicorms. Just married, they have escaped the big city and are living the dream by the sea. 



#Plotyouradventures is the byline for Wales-based Darkstar Collection. Their handmade notebooks have a classic look, understated logos and top-notch paper. Nomad, their ‘Kraft’ cover ages brilliantly. I once asked Craig, the founder, why he got into stationery. He replied that his daughter loved it, so he made her some notebooks. Truly, a labour of love.

Web Dudes

Based in London, Back Pocket started creating notebooks to be synonymous with your mobile phone. The Space X notebook set has Mars and its moons covered. Designing a website? Pick up a Responsive Web Design Notebook. Maybe you need a hobby. How about a Guitar notebook? These are British notebooks that you can learn from. Justin is always working on more designs.

Classic British Notebooks

Looking for simple covers, elegance? A touch of nostalgia perhaps? Personalised Stationery produce bring quality handmade notebooks to you from Oakham in Rutland. Complete with a range of ruling and cover options. Keep your eye open for a new range of unique notebooks that we are working on together right now.


Silvine Originals are a wonderful range of bright red Memo notebooks. A friend saw one and blurted out ‘vocab book’. Well-made, lovely paper and perforated pages. They feel great in the hand, come in a variety of sizes and are almost always top of the charts when it comes to comparison reviews. Great paper, friendly to fountain pens.

So, you see, there are plenty of beautiful British notebooks made right here in the UK. Got any other favourites you’d like to see featured on Pocket Notebooks? I’m always on the hunt, so send me your suggestions!

Don’t be limited to British notebooks, here at Pocket Notebooks, we love the international flavours too. We have just signed up for some books for Australia.