Aztec Chimera

by Scribble Monboddo

It's not often one encounters something genuinely new in the stationery world, but this madcap mash-up of a pencil extender / lead holder from Maker's Cabinet surely qualifies. 


Perhaps the bigger question is, do you need it? Stu's not sure, and he sells the things! But the answer, for parsimonious pencil-pushers, is yes. You need one of these, you really do. 

Why? Because if you're a reader of this blog it's highly likely that you occasionally invest in a posh pencil or two, or three, or who's counting really? When you wear it down to a stub and have to throw it away, it's such a waste that the guilt is horrifying. So, you can whip out a pencil extender, but that's inconvenient, breaks up the flow of your writing and the chances are you won't get around to it, reaching for a sharp new scribbler instead, but then the guilt cycle begins again... Well, here is the solution.


There are many terrific design features of the Ferrule, but one of the most practical aspects is that one can load a whole pencil in right away, then use its whole graphite core, all the way. It comes with some rather nice refills in the box, and it will take almost any other choice pencil you may wish to pop in - even a Blackwing although, ironically, one must first remove the ferrule. Don't worry about the etymology too much, though; this is an investment in reducing waste. 'Good for the planet, even. Clever stuff.