April 2017 Report

by Stuart Lennon

What Ho Notebookers!

I write from the new improved PocketNotebook Towers. It's Friday. Dave Grohl and the boys are rocking away on vinyl behind me. I'm in the obligatory shorts, surrounded by notebooks, pens and inks. YESSSSSSS!

Office Wall Decal

Now, to business. April was a little quieter than I might have liked. Strong figures in February and March had flattered to deceive. I was worried. I had just committed to a larger office, bought more stock and a whole load of office dog treats. Sleep wasn't coming quite so easy. 

In the months preceding my arrival, stocks had been low. This had created some pent up demand, demand that was satisfied as new stock arrived in February and March. A little analysis revealed that although turnovers were lower, April saw more first-time customers than the previous months. Undeniably, this is good news. 


The end of the month saw my Birthday, and that of Samuel Morse. Write Notepads and Co released their Limited Edition 'Telegraph'. Subscribers got these in their April box, along with a pack of LE Telegraph pencils. These pencils sold out both here and in the US in a matter of days. We are lucky enough to have some of the books left, but be aware, they will go. These LEs are collected - and appreciate in value.

Telegraph by Write Notepads & Co

As the month ended, the COO and I relocated PN Towers. We have crossed the border from Wiltshire into Hampshire. We can now be found at - Loggedoff Ltd, Unit 17 Walworth Enterprise Centre, Duke Close, West Way, Andover, SP10 5AP. 

Post-move, we have seen business continue to grow, with a mix of new customers and old friends. 

I need a favour. Reviews are very helpful to the site. One comment from a genuine customer is much more reassuring to a cautious browser than a page of commentary from me. If you do have a second to leave a review, either here on the site, or on the Facebook page, I am grateful.

Gradually, the Pocketnotebooks world is turning purple. Why? Not a clue. I am increasingly drawn to the colour. 

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