...And its Hello from me

by Bold Apps

It’s like the first day at a new school. Everywhere I look, things to learn and understand. A web interface, an accounts package, payment gateways, a bunch of suppliers, where to begin?

I start where Dan and Tony started; with you, the most important people of all, the customers. 

Once I have some handle on all the technology, my first order of business is to get stocked up. Already on the way are two notebooks new to the site, which should be available at the end of the week. Later today, I will be speaking to all the amazing suppliers with whom Dan and Tony built such great relationships. The aim being to get those ‘out of stock’ signs off the page.

I am already working on the first sets of subscription boxes. I need the practice. How many ways are there to fold cardboard? When you open your next box, rest assured that it probably took me fifteen minutes to construct it, and quite possibly one or two swear words.

Loggedoff has much to learn, and feels a responsibility toward this website, its founders (who are two of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet) and to you, its community.

I promise to keep you all in the loop, and feel free to reach out and tell me what you would like to see.

First, let me introduce you to my number 2, the Chief Operating Officer, Tamodan Midnight Sun, known as Nero to his friends. He is in charge of sleeping under the desk and barking at deliveries. Also a big fan of walking meetings...

Right. I have a very long task list. Now, where’s my notebook?


P.S. Remember, forget the App, there’s a Pocket Notebook for that…