Analogue Nomad

by Stuart Lennon

OK - So, we’re all travelling less than we were. Bummer. But - let’s see that as an opportunity. Let’s travel more locally. Grab a pen and a notebook, take a walk. In the countryside, to a beach, to a park, around the neighbourhood. Whatever is doable.

Getting out is good for you. Make some time to safely get some outside time.

Doing it with notebook allows you to keep a journal, write a poem, sketch something, or write the next Harry Potter.

You know me well enough by now. “Grab a pen and a notebook”. As if I could ever do that. I have thought carefully about what I’m going to reach for. I grab my Lochby Field Journal, which I bought from the US a few months back.

This is my analogue office. If I’m going to meet someone, this is all I need. I can carry a few notebooks in it, some business cards, a pen, and if I’m really showing off, my Punkt01 “dumb” phone.

The canvas build is utilitarian, without being scruffy. It hints at the outdoors without going all tactical on you. The cover has a good variety of pockets to slip cards, bits and pieces and two sturdy elastics to hold notebooks.

The pen loop is quite exposed, and this affects my choice of pen. I’d be nervous of dings on my higher-end fountain pens. I love my wine barrel pen, and it fits nicely with the aesthetic of Lochby. The Field Journal fits my Endless Recorder, and I team it with one of Lochby’s own Tomoe River sewn refills.

As I write this, in the mountain hideaway, a whole load of Lochby has landed at HQ, and I’m looking forward to getting hold some of it. Especially the Quattro, a protective pen case.

You guys will be able to buy it as of Monday.