All white?

by Stuart Lennon

I’ve been going through a white period.

My desk is white, in fact most of the office furniture is white. This year, I’ve been taking notes (with white implements) in a large white notebook and a medium-sized notebook. Madness.

I’m smitten with Blackwing. I’m an avid user of graphite and fountain pens, and so actively seek paper that works well with both. Enter the Blackwing Slate (the medium-sized one.) 8.25 by 5 inches.

“The Blackwing Slate's cover is made from a smooth, matte pearl coloured polymer designed to take daily wear and tear without sacrifice of form or function. In keeping with Blackwing's aesthetic, the rear covers features a discrete debossed Blackwing logo. The unusual spine is a result of the fact that the Blackwing Slate's is dual-bound for extra strength and durability. First the pages are sewn-bound together creating a 'block' of pages, and the cover is then sewn-bound to the block for double strength.

The Blackwing Slate has a built-in holster for your favourite Blackwing pencil which sits on top of the unusual white canvas spine and ensures your pencil is always close at hand. Every Blackwing Slate comes with a Blackwing Pearl pencil pre-fitted.

Inside your Blackwing Slate you will find 160 pages of plain or dot grid 100 gsm paper - a high quality stock that is perfectly suited to Blackwing's pencil lead as well as your other writing implements.

Finally, every Blackwing Slate features a ribbon bookmark and a pocket to store your loose notes and momentos. On the back page of the Slate you'll find the story of the legendary Blackwing pencil.”

Now - it's only fair to point out that white is, well, white. By far the most popular colour for paper, partly because marks on white show up very well. Graphite and ink, specifically. Regrettably, that’s equally true on the outside cover as on the innards of the book. I’m prepared to bet that these white books will never again look as good as they do now. We do carry the black one too.

These notebooks feel lovely in the hand and are wonderful to write in. If you are looking for a smooth Tomoe-type experience, these are not for you, there’s some tooth that is glorious for graphite. I’m a big nib sort of guy, and they have no problem with this paper. If you’re one of those people who uses a fork (sorry, I mean an extra-fine nib), then this paper might be too butch.