Agronomists Assemble!

by Scribble Monboddo

The Endless Storyboard 'The Farm' series has been mentioned here once or twice before but, now that spring is under way and summer just around the corner, it deserves a little more limelight.

The twin-pack has the perfect pairing of 'sow' and reap' options, injecting a bit of KJV language into a modern Indian offering which has been painted to bring the Canadian prairies to mind. So terribly Commonwealth, dontchaknow?

The attention to detail is a real delight, especially when it comes to the sewn bindings; brown thread for Sow and green thread for Reap. Well, naturally. The green theme of the added harvest-time edition is also rather timely for a blog piece going out on St.Patrick's Day, isn't it? After, Pat himself has proved one of the most enduringly popular of British exports - no, really look him up. If you're of the distantly Hibernian persuasion like the writer of this short piece and, one suspects, the owner of Nero's Notes himself, sláinte!