A recipe for mindfulness

by Scribble Monboddo

For many years, there's been a lot of talk about mindfulness. This company makes 'mindfulness cards', whatever they are. But never mind (ful), because they also make notebooks...

Mindfulness takes many forms, and quite a few of them require decent stationery - or at least that's an excellent excuse for treating yourself to a posh notebook. You could do a lot worse than the generously-thick LSW A5 jotter.

Just what sort of mindfulness exercise is up to you. Because it's so packed full of paper, this notebook struggles a bit to lie completely flat so perhaps this isn't the ideal calligraphy surface. The glued-in binding makes the pages fairly easy to detach, too, so maybe it's not the perfect long-life diary. But it's spot-on for kitchen-based mindfulness. Yes, meet your next recipe book! When you find a recipe which works, copy it out on the next page, detach and send it on to a friend. What could be more mindful than that?