A new dawn

by Stuart Lennon

Those of you on social media or who listen to the podcast 1857, will have heard that Nero, beloved CEO has been promoted to non-exec Chairman. Enough has been said and written about that already.

First - I want to thank all of those who took the time to ‘like’, comment or message us. We were overwhelmed by the support that we received.

Second - I would like to share one message. It came from a golfing friend, Simon. More accurately, from his two little boys, Toby and Oliver.

The family had, earlier this year, lost their two West Highland Terriers, Buzz and Woody.

As Simon explained what had befallen Nero, the boys; after consideration, asked him to let us know that we should not be sad. Buzz and Woody would look after Nero, and he could be their new brother and they would play together forever.

We’re all hurting and will be for some time, but the thought of Nero running about with Buzz and Woody is comforting.

Back here at Nero’s Notes, we are focusing on making the wee man proud. Lots of new products coming in time for the holidays and a renewed focus on bringing you some of the coolest notebooks, pencils and accessories on the internet.