Getting to know Priya Floyd

by Tony Short
Priya is The London Parchment, a blog dedicated to the written word, amongst many things she is a jotter, scribbler, crafter, scrapbooker, journal-keeper and letter-writer.  I've found her blog a rabbit hole and one I'd certainly recommend going down. She has a wonderful approach to crafting her blog posts which is supported by beautifully taken photos. I'm genuinely excited to share this post, there is a lot of hidden gems and new products for you to discover. Enjoy...

1) Describe yourself in three objects

A paper map – I’ve always loved them. I love that they communicate something, that they capture a point in time and space on paper, and that they can be stylised and abstract or realistic. I collect and scrapbook maps from trips I’ve been on, my house is decorated with lots of different antique maps and I’m even using some black and white maps to create test wedding invitations to see if they work!

Longchamp Le Pliage large tote bag. I’ve got a version in black, indigo, red, teal, tan… the list goes on. Which I fill with…

Stationery... I’m going to pick my pencilcase as my third object (partly because I can’t pick an individual item) which is a Hightide sunshine yellow Field Roll. It’s bright and cheery. 

2) Wood or Mechanical Pencil?

Wood! The only mechanical pencil I own and actually enjoy is my very old Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil which is basically indestructible. I think it’s about 15 years old now. But I’m all about wood pencils at around an HB, B, or #2. 

3) Ballpoint, Gel or Fountain Pens?

Day to day, gel. Particularly fine line gel pens at my sweet spot of 0.4mm. Gel pens work wonderfully in the pocket notebooks I’ve been using for the last few months. When I’m using larger notebooks such as a Moleskine cahier or Tsubame Fools I reach for a fountain pen much more often. Using my Hobonichi every day has meant I have a daily reason to use a fountain pen too.

4) Sketchbook or screen?

Sketchbook. Paper of any kind. I’m rubbish with technology other than the usual uses. One of the most recent pieces of technology I invested in is involved with my love of paper – the Polaroid ZIP photo printer means I can stick 2x3 inch prints into my journals!

5) Tell us about a couple of your favourite materials to work with?

At the moment I’m all about brush pens. I am practicing my brush lettering after going to a workshop last year and although that was taught using a round watercolour brush I’ve been practicing with lots of different types of brush pens, my favourites of which include several Kuretakes (e.g., Bimoji, Wink of Stella, Wink of Luna), the Pentel Touch, Copic Sketch and Copic Ciao.

Getting to know Priya Floyd - Image 1


Getting to know Priya Floyd - Image 5

6) Which country or continent is your favourite for Stationery

For products it’s Asia, specifically for Japanese products. I’m a big fan of Midori, Tsubame, Craft Design Technology, Hightide/Penco, washi tapes, and a newcomer to the phenomenon that is the Hobonichi Techo. I find that many of the “crafty” things I come across are American though – lots of paper uses, lettering and inspiration. I started making homemade envelopes because of an American blog I came across. 

Getting to know Priya Floyd - Image 2

7) Apart from your own blog, which other stationery blogs would you recommend following?

I’m a big fan of Jenny at The Finer Point which contains so many really thoughtful and considered reviews. The Pen Addict and Ian at Pens! Paper! Pencils! for their sheer breadth. Like my blog, there are a couple which mix stationery interests with some other curiosities. I really enjoy WorshipBlues and Katrina Sophia.

8) Do you practice any productivity techniques or hacks?

At first sight of this question I thought I wouldn’t have any. But I’ve managed to think of a couple! Firstly the most basic and obvious one - a list! Works every time! Also when I’ve got a trip planned I grab a new pocket notebook and use it exclusively for noting down tips that people give me or that I come across on the internet, places to visit and reasons why, and sometimes the occasional sketch map. That uses up a good few pages and then the rest of the notebook I use as a travel journal and sketchpad. I’m going to Amsterdam this weekend and I’ve got a Field Notes ready already full of ideas.

9) And… we’ve got to ask. What’s in your pencil case?

My staples that always remain are my Kaweco Sport F nib (currently inked with Diamine Teal), Midori black aluminium ruler, Staedtler Mars Lumograph B grade, Muji correction pen and white eraser, Uni Jetstream SXM-150 0.38mm, Drop Around fusen sticky notes and KUM long point sharpener. 

Getting to know Priya Floyd - Image 3

Rotational items I have on the go at the moment are a black Pentel Touch brush sign pen, TWSBI 580 AL EF nib with Diamine Meadow, a Tombow Mono 100 H grade, Field Notes number 2 pencil, some OHTO smile clips, and a green Magic felt tip marker.  

Getting to know Priya Floyd - Image 4

    I hope you agree this was an exciting insight into Priya and I'm sure you are eager to find out more. You can head over to her excellent blog The London Parchment and socially you can connect with Priya on Twitter and Instagram.