7 Resources Hobonichi Lovers Need To Know About

by Tony Short

After the excitement of Christmas and New Year, this past weekend was the first opportunity I had to open my Hobonichi and allowed myself to delve deep into the wonderful world of how I was going to use the 2016 Techo Planner.

Before I started, I spent a lot of time (OK, quite an unhealthy amount of time...) on seeking inspiring accounts of other Hobonichi owners to help understand how they use their Techo.

So, if you could do with a little inspiration, too, we’ve pulled together our favourite Facebook groups, Etsy shops, Instagram followers and blogs to help you get started with your Hobonichi Planner.

Facebook Groups

My Facebook feed has changed quite a lot over the past 12 months. From what used to be cats and babies is today filled with Field Notes notebooks, Palomino pencils, Bullet pens - and now lots and lots of photos of Hobos!

As such, I’ve become a bit of a lover of Hobo Facebook groups, and the following four are those I’d recommend joining first:

  • 1. Hobonichi Strictly Planning

  • Hobonichi Strictly Planner Facebook Group

    Hobonichi Strictly Planning is a place for those of us who share the love of Hobonichi as an actual planner!  All those who use Hobonichi (and Fauxbonichi) for their planning purposes are welcome.

    Hobonichi Strictly Planning Facebook Group

    The group doesn’t encourage art journalling or decorative items posts, and instead it is used to see how you plan and use these lovely books for our lives, our businesses, our jobs and our families! It’s also completely fine (and encouraged!) to post Hobonichi related memes, videos, articles, and upcoming Hobonichi events and gatherings in your areas.

  • 2. Hobonichi Users

  • Hobonichi Users Facebook Group

    A group intended purely for the enjoyment and discussing of Hobonichi. It isn’t a selling group in any way, but does have a big focus on art journaling and decorative Hobos.

  • 3. Hobonichi & Accessories Buy Sell and Swap

  • Hobonichi And Accessories Buy Sell and Swap Facebook Group

    This is your group if you want to buy, trade or sell your Hobonichi. It does appear to be primarily North American, but nonetheless it’s a very inspiring resource for Hobonichi accessories in particular.

  • 4. Hobonichi Techo Eye Candy

  • Hobonichi Techo Eye Candy

    I’ve kept my personal favourite to last. For somebody who doesn’t have any artistic ability, I can only look on in envy and amazement at the jaw dropping illustrations.  

    This group is great if you doodle, sketch, paint, write poetry, journal, washi tape or add stickers all over your beloved Hobonichi.


    I admit, I might have overindulged over Christmas and spent a small fortune on Hobonichi accessories. I’ve managed to find some great items for sale on Etsy, including covers, stencils, stickers and stamps - and yes I’ve bought all four types!

    There are numerous Hobonichi-related shops on Etsy, and our best advice would be to simply click on the link below and work your way through them - they’re all fantastic!

    Etsy Hobonichi Sellers

    Leather Cover for an A6 Hobonichi Cover


    A big shout out here to one of our subscription customers, Trisha McQueen, who has a wonderful account Instagram account full of great photos, along with information on how she is using her Hobonichi.

    We’ll be hearing more from Trisha with a Hobonichi guest blog post shortly, but until then go and enjoy her Instagram feed!

    There are also a number of Instagram hashtags I follow, including #hobonichi, #hobonichtecho, #hobonichiplanner and #hobonichiSP.


    We truly, truly love our bloggers, and there are so many to name we don’t want to upset people by trying to list all the blogs where we’ve recently read your reviews on Hobonichi (you know who you are!).

    As such, we’ll leave you with this one by the lady who is responsible for translating the Japanese version of the Techo to English. It’s an unofficial page that Lindsay created as a long-time fan of the Techo.

    Hobonichilove Tumblr

    This tumblr is a showcase of all things Hobonichi Planner and provides users with both information and inspiration!

    We are deep in words planning our latest blog posts and will continue to champion customers who want a platform to share their passion for stationery and in particular notebooks. Anybody that has a desire to share stories of how they use their Hobonichi (or pocket notebook!), please do drop us an e-mail at hello@pocketnotebooks.co.uk or tweet us @PocketNotebooks

    I really do hope this inspires you to embrace your Hobonichi Techo - and Happy Planning for 2016!