Getting to know Eddy Hope

by Tony Short
In the Digital era it's not often that your Guest Blogger is somebody you know outside the world of Social Media and Blogs. Eddy and I have known each other for a long time, live a few miles from each other and often meet-up to discuss all things stationery. 

Eddy has a great social and blog presence over at the The Nib Guy along with being the man behind Calendex a solution to the problem of future planning when using the bullet journal.

1) Describe yourself in three objects

I'm going to be cheeky here and count my pocket notebook and pencil as one, there's not many places I go without them and there's nothing more reliable. Next up, my watch, you know that feeling you get if you're out anywhere and you don't have your phone, well I get that feeling when I don't have my watch. Lastly, my phone, not very original I know but I take it everywhere.

2) Wood or Mechanical Pencil?

For me it depends, if I'm out and about or writing my primary nib of choice is a mech pencil. Though when I'm sketching it has to be a wood.

3) Ballpoint, Gel or Fountain Pens?

Ballpoint without doubt. Being a lefty I find it extremely difficult to find a pen which dries quick enough so that it doesn't smudge.

4) Sketchbook or screen?

SKETCHBOOK. I love to sketch not just as a hobby but it's where all my designs start life. Being a web designer I spend hours staring at a screen so it's nice to disconnect, it keeps me sane. 

5) Tell us about a couple of your favourite materials to work with?
My favourite notebook so far is the Leuchtturm 1917. I use the softcover pocket squared version. The paper quality is just amazing and is incredibly well made. I know a lot of people say 'why pay for a premium notebook when you can get a much cheaper alternative? For me, the feel of a quality notebook makes you want to use it even more, each time you open one it feels special and you know it is built to last.

Getting to know Eddy Hope

6) Which country or continent is your favourite for Stationery?

Do I have to choose one? It's a tie between Japan and Germany. I use German wood pencils and fine liners for my artwork and tend to go Japanese for mech pencils. Plus the Japanese know how to make paper, they make doors out of paper. Just let that sink in. Although I do use German notebooks so Germany might just tip it but I have a massive soft spot for Japanese products.

7) Apart from your own blog, which other stationery blogs would you recommend following?

Dave's Mechanical Pencils Blog - Although not the prettiest site, it is full of insightful reviews and played a big part in my growing love for mech pencils.

Well Appointed Desk - I love reviews and this place has plenty.

Pencil Revolution - This guy provides passion fueled love for all things pencil. And he has the words 'wooden wisdom' in the site tag-line. Surely that deserves a mention.

I feel I should give a shout out to The Desk of Adam and Owl Ink. To say they're passionate about stationery is an understatement.

8) Do you practice any productivity techniques or hacks?

Yes! It seems I have been on a quest to find the perfect productivity hacks/apps/systems etc. I've honestly spent much longer searching than I care to admit for something that works for me. I have been using a very adapted version of the bullet journal in my pocket notebook as my main capture tool, made to suit the way I work. I love it! I also came up with my very own solution to the problem of future planning when using the bullet journal which I named Calendex. Digital tools are slightly more complicated. I'm a big evernote user and use it for pretty much everything but planning out and brainstorming projects I'm giving Workflowy a go. I must say it's an amazingly simple tool which I'm loving so far.

9) And… we’ve got to ask. What’s in your pencil case?
I don't carry a pencil case, sorry to disappoint. I like to keep things as simple as possible so literally all I carry is... A mech pencil, a wood pencil (just in case), my pocket notebook and my phone. That's it. Streamlined capture tools wherever, whenever I need them.

Eddy has a great social presence on both Twitter and Google Plus where you will learn more about his passion for Analog, Bullet Journals, Productivity and Mechanical Pencils.