8 to 1: THE FINAL Poach My Lobster v Midori A5

by Amanda Fleet

I started out, back in November, with eight medium-sized notebooks, and did a series of play-offs. We had Life Noble, Leuchtturm, Clairefontaine, Poach My Lobster, Midori A5, Palomino, Waverley, and Alwych. This is how it all played out...

We're down to the final two... Poach My Lobster v Midori A5.

Oh, man-o-man, this one is going to be tricky! I love both of these books. Can't I just announce a joint winner, now?




You don't need me to go over their specs, or my likes/dislikes on them. They've all be covered before (here and here for the Midori; here and here for the Poach My Lobster). They both have great paper; they're both fabulous notebooks. I have several Midori A5s in use, and I adore my Poach My Lobster. Of course, the Poach My Lobster books aren't being made any more, so they have a limited edition value to them, which could give them the edge. But then again, when you love a notebook, you want to be able to keep on buying them, so perhaps that tips it towards the Midori?

Ah... decisions, decisions.

Well, alright then... I'm plumping for the Poach My Lobster notebooks. The paper in them is divine (even if the flattability isn't great - though they'll take a decent beating!), the covers are quirky and fantastic and they're a great all-rounder. Having plain pages that are just toothy enough to make it a good sketchbook but not so toothy a fountain pen will be huffy, makes an ideal combination, and the covers are study enough that they'll happily live in a backpack to be an everyday carry.

Of course, you're going to have to be quick to get your paws on them... Nero's Notes still has some in stock, but once they're gone, they really are gone. But the excellent news is they're half price and an absolute steal at £8!


Get them here...

Wine cover

Lobster cover

Bread cover

Limited stocks, so don't hang about!