8 to 1: semi-final 2 - Midori v Waverley

by Amanda Fleet

In round 3, the Midori won against the Palomino. In round 4, the Waverley won against the Alwych (though it was a tight finish). Who will be today's winner?


Quick reminder...

These Notebooks are created using traditional thread stitched book binding methods, which ensures the notebook opens evenly and is highly durable. MD Notebooks don’t have a cover. This is because Midori thinks this would impact on the comfort of writing, making them harder to open and make the pages looser. With only cheesecloth reinforcing the spine, these notebooks are supple and open easily.
Available in Plain, Ruled and Grid paper.

My opinion of the pros and cons:

Pros - beautiful paper, good flattability.

Cons - very few! No 'bells and whistles' for those who want pen loops, page numbers and pockets in the back etc.


Quick reminder...

Stu has been getting in touch with his inner Scot and has found these beautifully made notebooks. They are made with cloth that's woven in mills in the UK. Paper is 80 gsm acid free from sustainable forests. There is an elastic clousure, a ribbon marker, eight perforated end leaves and an expandable inner note holder. Included is a bookmark with information about the Caledonia tartan which has been used to make these notebooks.
192 pages
Left side blank, right side ruled.
21cm x 13cm

My opinion of the pros and cons:

Pros - the alternating blank and lined make it great for a commonplace book. There are some bells and whistles - a gusseted pocket in the back cover and detachable pages at the back etc. The cloth covering is especially lovely.

Cons - there's no getting away from paper quality. If you want to sketch on the blank pages, be sure to do pen tests to make sure ink won't bleed-through or show through and spoil them.

It's possibly quite clear who the winner is! I adore the Midori notebooks. Much as I love the tartan cover to the Waverley, the paper quality of the Midori makes it the winner for me.

Midori A5

Waverley Commonplace

Next up, the grand final! Poach My Lobster v Midori (this is gonna be a tight one!)