64 shades of BIFF! POW! BAM!

by Scribble Monboddo

Apparently, back in the golden age of comics (a flexibly-defined term about which there is fierce debate), many were printed with a palette of just sixty-four colours. Now that we mostly consume fast-moving media on digital screens, the means of colour-mixing through blending and cross-hatching seems like something from another aeon, not just another century, but here's a special Blackwing to celebrate those vanishing techniques.

Of course, comics were also drawn with pencils, so this is perhaps a more relevant theme for a Blackwing special edition than usual. Rather splendid it looks, too. 

The blurb claims that the slightly harder graphite in the 64 is ideal for drawing cartoons, which may or may not reflect the preferences of cartoonists (some of whom prefer a softer lead actually), but it's still great stuff for every-day writing and doodling. Like Minnie The Minx, it will escape quickly, so get it while it's going!