£15 bundle

by Amanda Fleet

Clare (our very own "Q") sent me a lovely stationery bundle this week. In it were a £15 bargain bundle, and a Life report pad. I will get to the Life pad in my next post, but this week, I want to share the bundle with you. There's some Séyès, some Tomoe River, some dots, some squares and a whole heap of goodness!

I can't guarantee that this is exactly what you will get if you order a bundle. I can say with utmost certainty that you will get a bundle of notebooks worth far more than the £15 price tag.

This was what was in my bundle (the links may well take you to multipacks of the notebook; only one was in the bundle):

All in, these total way more than £15.

Clairefontaine Superheroine:

This is slightly larger than A4, at 24 x 32cm. The interior is Séyès ruling, which if you're not French, might seem bizarre, but is actually really helpful for neat writing. Séyès ruling has horizontal lines at 2mm spacing, with every fourth line darker than others (i.e. at 8mm spacing). There are also vertical lines every 8mm. In essence, this gives you 8mm square boxes, with extra horizontal lines in them. The idea is to use the horizontal lines to guide your handwriting and the vertical lines to act like tab spacing, for paragraphs, tables etc. How you actually use them is entirely up to you, of course.

The cover is brilliant, with a healthcare worker doing battle with what I assume is meant to be Covid (diagram is, one hopes, not to scale!). Truly, a notebook of our times. There are 96 sides (48 pages), but bear in mind that at bigger than A4, it can take up a chunk of real-estate on the desk.

Storyboard Farm (by Endless):

I've reviewed these notebooks before (here), waxing lyrical about them being 15cm tall, which allows you to have 7 equal spaces vertically for days and space to date the top. Of course, you may not care about that, but for me it makes them just a little better than other 9 x 14cm notebooks. Paper is 5mm dot grid.

Black Storyboard (Endless) lined notebook:

The 9 x 14.5cm makes my heart sing a little less than the 9 x 15cm, but these are still lovely little pocket notebooks, especially as they have Tomoe River paper in them! I can forgive the loss of 5 mm for that. Line spacing is 7mm.

Nero's Basics (graph):

Simple, straightforward notebook. 70gsm milk uncoated paper, 240gsm Popset sky blue uncoated paper, 36 pages, 1cm squares. Usual 'pocket' size at 9 x 14cm. The notebooks are made in the UK and are 100% recyclable.

Personalised stationery "birds":

52 pages of lined  85gsm uncoated paper, covered with 300gsm board cover featuring birds in silhouette. The notebook is 10.5cm x 14.8cm (A6) and line spacing 6mm.

As you can see, a mighty bang for your buck! Go on! Get yourself a bundle.